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Removed features (Read 2804 times)

Started by Nightwish, August 16, 2011, 21:34:43
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Removed features |
August 16, 2011, 21:34:43
This is a list of features I decided to remove for several reasons.

Note: this is out-of-date information, the list of added and removed features is maintained in the Development roadmap topic.
  • The menu toggle to switch between dropdown and side bar menus in profile/moderation/admin areas. Sidebar menus all the way now. Note that the main menu is still a drop down menu and is now enhanced with a bit of JavaScript. It will no longer open on hover without delay (= annoyance mode) but will either require a click on the drop down button or open delayed.

  • The army of stupid quick-moderation icons in the message view. In fact, I've killed this quick moderation mode entirely. Having a table cell filled with 5 or more icons on each row not only looks ugly, it's also confusing.

    The check box mode is also not the final word on the quick moderation feature. I'll most likely improve that with some Ajax features to improve inline moderation further.

  • Image (icon) buttons are gone. I've modified create_button() so that it will return a CSS based button only. You can still have icons on buttons by using a CSS sprite approach, because every button will have a unique CSS class assigned.Note that using template_create_button() is still possible
And for the record: Please don't ask to bring removed features back, as it's not gonna happen. Gone is gone.
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