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Minor feature improvements currently implemented (Read 5862 times)

Started by Nightwish, August 02, 2011, 20:57:43
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Minor feature improvements currently implemented |
August 02, 2011, 20:57:43
Minor feature enhancements for end users
  • The breadcrumb remembers the last page in the message index when you navigate back from topic view to the message index. This is currently implemented with a simple cookie.
  • There is now a separate group level permission that controls the availability of signatures.
  • The post icon for the last post appears in the board index and sub-forum views.
  • The board index is more compact and only requires 2 lines of text for the last post column.
  • The first post of a thread may appear on every page ("sticky post") and the first post of a thread can use an alternative postbit layout to separate it from the follow up posts. This is useful for "article-style" posts.
  • Automatically merge multiple posts by the same author at the end of a thread made within a configurable time span. This is a per board option and may help to reduce the number of posts in "spammy" threads or act as a countermeasure against "ninja bumpers". Additionally, a user can force a new post to be merged with the last post of a thread if all the conditions are met (board allows post merging, the current last post of the thread belongs to the same member and so on).
  • Ajax topic preview in the message index. There is now a preview link for each thread in the message index. Clicking it will retrieve the first (and optionally, if the topic has multiple posts), the last post of the thread and display short excerpts of these two messages in an overlay. This is more efficient than tooltip-based previews, because nothing needs to be preloaded when constructing the message index.
  • Ability to share a topic via common social media sites. A new board permission allows to enable or disable the share bar on a per forum and user group base (just like any other permissions). This makes sense for non-public boards that are unavailable to guests (sharing a topic that cannot be visited by guests is kinda pointless). Additionally, registered users can opt out from seeing the share bar to avoid being tracked by Facebook, Google and the like
  • The message body is now stored in a MEDIUMTEXT field in the db, meaning that a post can be longer than 65535 characters. This cost us 1 additional byte per table row (=post), but allows for longer articles. The reason why SMF was using TEXT was because it needs to support a MySQL fulltext index for the posts table and fulltext indexes cannot work on anything larger than TEXT. I dropped full text in favor of sphinx support, so the limit does no longer make any sense.
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Re: Minor feature improvements currently implemented |
August 15, 2011, 15:50:29
Looks great :)

I really appreciate what you are doing.
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