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Basic avatar resizing
 October 30, 2004, 22:48:40 View in topic context
 Posted by Nightwish  in Basic avatar resizing (Started by Nightwish October 30, 2004, 22:48:40
 Board: Articles

There is now a way to limit the maximum height of the displayed (not downloaded) avatar. If the picture is bigger than this setting, it will be resized. You can only set the height, but the resizing will of course modify the width aswell to maintain the aspect ratio of the picture.

The 150x150 limit has been raised as well, so bigger avatars will no longer throw an error message, but it will be possible to size them down...

The resizing uses the basic Win32 GDI StretchBitBlt() function, so the quality may not be the best, but it is sufficient for most avatar images.

I'am finishing the code for a new (non-developer) release, so 0.0.9 will be ready pretty soon now.
New snapshot
 October 30, 2004, 22:48:09 View in topic context
 Posted by Nightwish  in New snapshot (Started by Nightwish October 30, 2004, 22:48:09
 Board: Articles

Some progress has been made today. The new snapshot is up as of now. A few new features and some fixes. Click the "read more" link for the full changelog.

        + new "mIRC style" tab selection hotkeys. ALT-1 to ALT-0 will select the
          corresponding tab. ALT-1 will select the leftmost (first) tab, and ALT-0
          the rightmost (last) tab. Maybe confusing if you have more tabs than
          actually fit on a single row.
        + added a few pixels of padding "inside" the message log so that characters
          won't touch the inner border of the rich edit control anymore.
        * container system menu: rearranged menu items so that close will always be
          at the bottom of the menu (hinted by OnO).
        * new option on the message log page: Use Arrow icons: This will replace the
          message icons in front of each message with small arrows showing the direction.
          A green arrow marks outgoing, and a red arrow incoming events.
        * experimental fix for highlighting issues when using individual background
          colors. Trailing lines are now removed from the message if they are empty.
          It's still possible to have empty lines within a message, but if the last
          line of the message body is *completely* empty, it will be removed.
          This solves the problem which occured with individual background colors
          where those empty lines were actually drawn with the default background
          color (very ugly).
          You need to activate this explicitely on the "Message Log Options" page.
        * avatar changes: It's now again possible to choose an avatar from the message
          window if you do not have mTooltip installed. Just click the picture menu
          button (left of the history button) and choose "Load a local picture as avatar".
          Note that the avatar section must be visible (toggle it on before), otherwise
          the menu item will be greyed out. Selecting the avatar from the message window
          will also write the picture to the mTooltip setting (if available), so you
          don't have to change the picture twice if you're using mTooltip plugin.
        * fixed CTRL-backspace. If there are more lines than the input box can actually
          display w/o scrolling, ctrl-backspace was always setting the cursor to the
          start of the text. Now, the cursor is always placed at the end.
        * changed MSN avatar code. Now, a single event hook cares about all sessions. This
          should avoid performance problems on slower machines with lots of MSN sessions
Icon contest
 October 30, 2004, 22:47:28 View in topic context
 Posted by Nightwish  in Icon contest (Started by Nightwish October 30, 2004, 22:47:28
 Board: Articles

Well, the title should be clear enough. I'am searching some nice Icons for the tabSRMM button bar to replace the current stuff.

The requirements:
  • The icons have to be 16x16 pixels in size.

  • They have to be compatible with all Versions of Windows 98 or later. In other words: If you want to contribute highcolor Icons - fine, but please also provide a low-color variant for older versions of Windows (8bit, 256 colors).

  • One icon per file (it's fine to have 2 versions of the same icon with different color depth, but please separate them to 2 different .ico files).

  • You don't need to make a complete "set" - I will also accept single icons if they come in a valid form (see above).

  • Absolutely no licensed material or 3rd party work for which you don't hold the Copyright (unless, it is freeware or in the public domain). Note that, if you contribute your own work, you will still hold the copyright on it and your name will be mentioned in the copyrights section of the tabSRMM documentation.

  • Submit the icons per mail to:

  • Deadline for submissions: None actually :)

I would be happy to see some nice work, and since I'am not the best artist (actually, I suck at graphics, but don't tell it anyone :) ), I decided to start this contest.
Today's progress...
 October 30, 2004, 22:46:57 View in topic context
 Posted by Nightwish  in Today's progress... (Started by Nightwish October 30, 2004, 22:46:57
 Board: Articles

The following things have been implemented recently..

  • new "mIRC style" tab selection hotkeys. ALT-1 to ALT-0 will select the corresponding tab. ALT-1 will  select the leftmost (first) tab, and ALT-0 the rightmost (last) tab. Maybe confusing if you have more tabs than          actually fit on a single row.

  • added a few pixels of padding "inside" the message log so that characters won't touch the inner border of the rich edit control anymore.

  • A few bugs, including the bug which caused the splitter position not to be saved under certain conditions have been fixed too.

    The avatar code has been rewritten to use only a single EventHook for all sessions which should improve performance with lots of open message windows.

Fully automatic avatar support for the MSN protocol.
 October 30, 2004, 22:46:19 View in topic context
 Posted by Nightwish  in Fully automatic avatar support for the MSN protocol. (Started by Nightwish October 30, 2004, 22:46:19
 Board: Articles

Today I implemented fully automatic avatar support for the MSN protocol. However, you <b>WILL NEED A VERY RECENT BUILD  OF BOTH MIRANDA AND THE MSN PLUGIN</b>, otherwise it will not work. You can get them <a href="" target="_blank">HERE</a>.

When you open a message session, it will automatically download the avatar (only if it has changed since the last time a message window was open for this contact, of course). If the window is open while your buddy changes the avatar, it will be updated automatically as well.

Note, that you can still <b>hide</b> the avatar from the message window, but this will not prevent tabSRMM from downloading one, but if your buddy does not have an avatar, or the avatar is invalid (too big, wrong size etc.) you can still select a user picture using the "Photo" page of the mTooltip plugin. There will also be a new option in tabSRMM to select a user picture for those who do not use mTooltip.
More on automatic avatar download
 October 30, 2004, 22:45:42 View in topic context
 Posted by Nightwish  in More on automatic avatar download (Started by Nightwish October 30, 2004, 22:45:42
 Board: Articles


I planned to update the avatar code to support the new features offered by the MSN plugin - avatar notifications which would allow the avatar to change automatically in the message window. These features were commited only recently and my copy of the miranda source tree doensn't have them yet.

Unfortunately, SF.NET has some problems at the moment. The CVS service for a lot of projects is down as of now, and the miranda repository is affected by this outage. So I have to wait until CVS is up again in order to update my miranda source tree.


Edit: tabSRMM repository is also affected, but please don't come up with conspiracy theories :)


Stay tuned...


Meanwhile, I did some minor changes to the layouting code. The tab control borders are now gone completely if you are in single-tab mode with a hidden tab bar. If you have multiple tabs, you can set the tab control borders on the Message tabs option page. Setting the value for Tab control borders to 0 will remove all the visible borders.

New code for showing message icons in the log
 October 30, 2004, 22:44:45 View in topic context
 Posted by Nightwish  in New code for showing message icons in the log (Started by Nightwish October 30, 2004, 22:44:45
 Board: Articles

[justify]I merged some code to replace the old (rtf-based) method of showing the message icons in front of the messages. The effect is, that now even these icons are using the proper background color if you have configured tabSRMM to use individual background colors for incoming and outgoing messages and the message icons do no longer "break" the layout by screwing up the background color stuff.

The code is using the same method as smileyadd to insert bitmaps into the Rich Edit stream (actually, the code was taken from smileyadd and modified a bit to fit into tabSRMM.

Now that tabSRMM has this code in, I'am thinking about "native" smiley support for tabSRMM. It's not sure when and even if it will happen, but it would be a nice thing to have. [/justify]

About this forum
 October 30, 2004, 20:43:44 View in topic context
 Posted by Nightwish  in About this forum (Started by Nightwish October 30, 2004, 20:43:44
 Board: Articles

This forum is for articles only. You cannot create new threads in this forum, but you may write replies.

When doing so, please stay on topic and avoid to quote the article, since theses articles are using HTML (no bbcode) and quotes will look ugly because of this.
More changes and some words on mouse "gestures"
 October 30, 2004, 20:13:07 View in topic context
 Posted by Nightwish  in More changes and some words on mouse "gestures" (Started by Nightwish October 30, 2004, 20:13:07
 Board: Articles


This is the summary of today's work


  • changed avatar code.

  • new mouse "gesture". Double click the button bar while holding the left ALT key to show/hide the button bar and its controls. This is only temporary and will not affect the global options under Message Sessions->Messaging. It will also not be saved anywhere.

  • dividers can now use the popup configuration (basically, this wil dividers make appear in tabs which would also trigger a event notification popup, based on the containers popup configuration mode).

  • avatars are now updated in "real time" when you change the picture on the photo page.



More on mouse "gestures"


There are some more mouse shortcuts you may not be aware of. First, you need to doubleclick with the left mouse button on the button bar. The resulting effects are:


  • Without holding any modifier key: Minimize the container.

  • Holding the CTRL key while doubleclicking will close the container

  • Holding SHIFT will hide/show the titlebar.

  • And finally, holding ALT will temporarily toggle the button bar and its controls.


TabSRMM, an adcanced message module for Miranda-IM
 October 30, 2004, 20:06:51 View in topic context
 Posted by Nightwish  in TabSRMM, an adcanced message module for Miranda-IM (Started by Nightwish October 30, 2004, 20:06:51
 Board: Articles

What is it?

Simply, it is a new message dialog for the Open Source messenger Miranda-IM. It offers a "tabbed" interface where all message sessions are opened within a single container. You can switch between message sessions by selecting the corresponding tab.


The main project is hosted by Sourceforge on this page.


To download it, visit the file section of the project page.


This software is currently in development, with other words: It is alpha-quality software, it has bugs and some planned features are not yet implemented. But it is already usable and a lot of people are in fact using it. The plugin is based on the standard SRMM message module, so the core can be considered stable enough. It wont trash messages and it's not going to crash frequently :)


How does it look?


A pictures is worth more than a thousand words.. So here is one.The screenshot shows a message window with 2 tabs open. You can also see the embedded contact list which main purpose is to select contacts in multisend mode.


You can also see the user picture (avatar) being shown in the bottom right corner

This shot shows only one of many layouts possible with tabSRMM. Most of the display elements can be hidden, including the button bar, the status bar, the user picture and, of course, the contact list. So it is possible to get a "minimalistic" message window with only the most important things in it.


You can even hide the title bar, the status bar and the tab control area if you want, which will give you the most possible screenspace for the area in which you read and write messages.


Feaures currently implemented


  • You can define and open as much tab containers as you want (well, there is a limit, but you'll never reach it :) ).

  • Flashing icons on the tabs notify you of events (incoming messages, typing notifications and so on).

  • The entire tab container will flash if it needs your attention (new messages arrived while the window was not active)

  • Several options for displaying the message log, including:

  • Specify an indent value for the actual message text.

  • Display the complete timestamp, including seconds.

  • Swap timestamp and Nickname.

  • Show the event (the message) in a new line.

  • underline the nick/timestamp display.

  • Show old (read) events in different fonts and/or colors.

  • Hotkeys for switching between tabs.

  • Hotkeys for scrolling the message log

  • Hotkeys for switching to the tab holding the first or most recent unread event.

  • full support for status icons on the tabs.

  • RTL support

  • UNICODE - aware (two builds are provided, one of them is UNICODE - ready.

  • many options on a "per container" basis. This includes settings for titlebar format, stay on top, flashing and much more.

  • input history

  • Avatar support (display user pictures in the message window)



   Current state of the project:


I consider the state of the project still ALPHA quality. However, tabSRMM works fine and, in fact, thousands of people are already using it for daily messaging. There are no known major bugs (i.e. bugs which could cause a crash or data loss) and the number of minor bugs and issues is decreasing constantly.


If you are interested in the progress, you may want to take a look at the CHANGELOG or read the README.


Where to get it, do I have to pay?


   The main location to download releases and snapshots is the Sourceforge home of this project.

   Official releases are also posted on the Miranda-IM plugin page. If you are interested in testing the most recent builds, you can download them by using the links provided at the end of this page.

   The plugin is released under the GPL, which means it is Open Source and you don't have to pay for it

       Visit THIS page for downloading the most recent developer builds.

   If you want to contribute, send bug reports or suggestions, you can do one of the following:

   First, and this is the preferred method, you can use the various supporting tools on the sourceforge homepage for this project.


Otherwise, you can also:


  • mail me

  • contact me on icq UIN = 7769309

  • contact me on msn under

  • visit the official miranda forums.





   The software offered via this webpage is provided on an "AS IS" basis. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

   The author of this software takes absolutely no responsibility for any damage caused by this piece of software, including, but not limited to corrupted databases or other loss of data.

(C) 2004 by Nightwish

 October 29, 2004, 17:12:51 View in topic context
 Posted by Nightwish  in Welcome (Started by Nightwish October 29, 2004, 17:12:51
 Board: Board news and announcements

[align="justify"]About the board software

The forum is running with phpmyforum, one of the lesser known packages. But it's very powerful, and best of all, it's open source and completely free. It also contains a RSS feed, to which you can subscribe using any RSS reader (for example, the Miranda RSS plugin) to get fast updates about new topics here.

The only drawback: The forum is developed in german language. I did most of the english translation myself, but it is not complete yet, so you may find some areas which are not yet translated - that should not happen too often though, but if you find some please report them.


Registration is required to post on any of the boards. The process has been made as simple as possible, and there is no need to activate your account after it has been created. You need to supply a valid email address to get your password mailed.


If you are a registered user, you can upload an Avatar using your personal profile page (Profile -> Edit avatar settings). Avatars may be up to 100 x 100 pixels in size and only valid image types (.gif, .jpg, .png) are allowed.


There are 2 styles available on this board - The default style has a rather dark background and a red-ish theme. If you don't like dark backgrounds at all, you may change your style using your personal profile page. The "Light colors" style is using a light grey background.
Both styles are using the same template set, so the layout will not change, only the color schemes are different.

And now...
[smilie]Have fun[/smilie]
Known issues - updated for 0.9.9.x
 October 29, 2004, 15:40:14 View in topic context
 Posted by Nightwish  in Known issues - updated for 0.9.9.x (Started by Nightwish October 29, 2004, 15:40:14
 Board: Bug reports

The following is a list of currently known issues. Please don't report them, because they are known already and may or may not be fixed in the future.

Some of them may be hard to fix and that's why they are still present, others are more trivial to fix, but were ignored for reasons unknown (or just lack of time on my side).

  • Several issues are known when running tabSRMM under Windows 9x/ME. First, the unicode version does not run at all and requires Windows 2000 or later. The ANSI (non - unicode) does run under Win 9x, but with some problems. Crashes under Win 9x are reported, but no solution is available at the moment. Note that tabSRMM requires a RichEdit 3.0 component and that Win 98 ships with a RichEdit 2.0 only (a 3.0 should be available somewhere as an upgrade). I guess, that running tabSRMM with a RichEdit 2.0 can lead to crashes and other serious problems.

  • Multisend is still not perfect. It may cause problems or fail to complete sending all messages. This will improve in the future.
  • When using the IEView plugin, tabSRMM unicode can not display uniocde messages properly. This is a limitation of the IEView plugin.
  • small visual artefacts may appear when using multiple background colors for in- and outgoing messages in BiDi mode (RTL active). This appears to be a non-fixable bug in the RichEdit control happening on some systems running Windows XP.
  • Minor scrolling problems in the message log when enabling/disabling container UI elements like the Menu Bar or Status Bar. The log may not always perfectly scroll to the bottom.
  • SmileyButton not showing - in most cases, this is caused by using the wrong version of smileyadd. TabSRMM only works with the included smileyadd.dll, because it needs extended support for the background colors and provides its own smiley button.
  • No smiley selection window when using IEView. This appears to be a bug in IEView. You can fix it by configuring a smileypack for each protocol in IEView's options dialog. -- fixed in IEView

  • Quoting does not work with IEView yet. This is not a bug, but a limitation of the current code. Quoting would need support in the IEView plugin. [added, 11 Mar 2005]

  • crash when hitting enter in the input box in order to insert a new line. Most likely, autoreplacers fault. You may either uninstall autoreplacer or disable its option to capitalize the first letter of each sentence. This should fix the problem.
  • The "automatically popup windows" option gets enabled automatically when Miranda starts. This is a problem with the ZeroNotify plugin. It should not mess with this setting, unfortunately, there is no way to prevent it from doing so.
  • Miranda crashes while resizing the container. Can happen if you have enabled the "snapping windows" support in tabSRMM while running an old version of the snapping windows plugin. Update this plugin or disable snapping windows support in tabSRMM. [added, 12 Mar 2005]
Source code availability
 October 29, 2004, 15:24:35 View in topic context
 Posted by Nightwish  in Source code availability (Started by Nightwish October 29, 2004, 15:24:35
 Board: Announcements


You may have noticed, that I do no longer publish source code archives on a regular base. It is, because the tabSRMM source code is now part of the Miranda CVS repository, so you can always get the most recent sources by checking them out from CVS.


The tabSRMM module is located under plugins/tabsrmm

If don't want to deal with command-line CVS, I suggest using Tortoise CVS, which is a very nice graphical CVS client for Windows. To checkout the tabsrmm sources, the following configuration must be used:
Protocoll: :pserver:
Repository-Folder: /cvsroot/miranda
User: anonymous
Module: miranda/plugins/tabsrmm

If the cvs program prompts you for a password, you can just hit return (you don't need one for anonymous cvs).