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Mar 19

Testing - show avatars in quotes

March 19, 2013, 23:28:49 | by Nightwish
Quotes now show the avatar of the original post's author if the member id of the author is given in the [quote] tag. The avatar can be clicked to show the member card for the user. If the user doesn't have an avatar, nothing will be shown and quotes will appear as normal (text-only).
^^ quote (including avatar)

The BBCode syntax for the QUOTE tag has changed a bit but remains compatible with the old syntax.
Code: (plain)
[quote author=Name link=topiclink date=timestamp uid=X]
[quote author=Name uid=X]

The uid parameter contains the member's ID and is an optional parameter. Only if present, the avatar will be added to the quote. Quoting a post in the editor will automatically insert the uid parameter.

Note to myself (todo): There should be an option to disable this forum-wide. A per-user profile option would be difficult and inefficient because the output of the BBC parser is usually cached to improve performance in busy threads. A per-user option to show these avatar would therefore require multiple cached copies of the same post.
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