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Request ssl (Read 3803 times)

Started by Valodim, July 22, 2012, 21:03:15

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ssl |
July 22, 2012, 21:03:15
Another very-nice-to-have feature. This is mostly a webserver deal, but there are a couple of things a forum software needs to take into consideration to make sure the ssl indicator in a browser stays green.

Mostly, it means supporting protocol-agnostic urls everywhere, which look like // instead of, and make sure they are used consistently for all images including smileys etc. last I checked, that kind of url was not even accepted in [url] tags in smf, for some reason.

Setting scripturl and images_url to protocol agnostic urls is in fact sufficient to allow the use of ssl, but a button to switch on the main page for the session, and a "prefer ssl" option in the user profile would certainly come in handy, along with an ssl indicator somewhere in the user information area. Another thing are [url]s in posts, which should be rewritten to make sure the user doesn't change modes involuntarily when following some link in a post.
Re: ssl |
July 23, 2012, 02:07:15
For creating links to topics or post, there is the [ilink] tag which has the advantage that it will construct the URLs from just a topic (and optionally) post ID, using the board's base url. Such links should continue to work even when the forum's main URL should change.

You don't even have to manually type the link - just click the #n link in the top right corner of a post and a dialog will come up with the necessary BB code. Then hit Ctrl-c and escape and you can insert this BBC fragment to create a link to another topic or post.

As for the other stuff - most should work on SSL (though, not tested yet) and a profile option should be possible. It's a bit more than only scripturl and images_url, but certainly not a really big deal to create all the base URLs dynamically based on the user's preference.
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