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Started by Nightwish, August 31, 2012, 20:55:59

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New moderation feature(s) |
August 31, 2012, 20:55:59
1. Topic bans

Topic bans are meant to be a lightweight moderation feature to deal with members who usually behave normally. Sometimes, discussions can get heated and members who otherwise act calm and within the board rules, may say things they shouldn't. Topic bans can be used to expel a member from a specific topic only without altering his or hers forum permissions. A topic ban means that a member cannot post or otherwise actively participate in a thread (i.e. he also cannot modify his message(s), add a poll or link the topic to a calender event). A member who has been banned from a topic can, however, still read it normally.

Topic bans can be set to expire automatically after a specified number of days or be permanent until lifted by a moderator.

Who can issue topic bans?
Administrators and global moderators can issue topic bans in all boards. Moderators can issue them in boards they moderate. Moderators who can issue warnings can also attach a topic ban to a warning unless the warning is a general one (not related to a specific post made by the member and therefore also not related to a topic).

Moderators will see a new icon in the bottom left corner of a post. This will open the topic ban page to either set a new or lift an existing topic ban. When a moderator issues a warning for a post made by a member, a new option will allow him or her to set a topic ban when submitting the warning form. In either case, a expiration time (in days) can be specified and a expiration time of 0 means, the ban will be permanent until a moderator will lift it manually.

If a topic has one or more topic bans attached to it, moderators will see a small notice at the bottom of the topic page (where the moderator buttons are located), telling them that some members are banned from the topic. Members who are banned will see a red-boxed notice at the top and bottom of the topic page, telling them they are banned and cannot post in the topic. If a member is banned, all UI elements for replying to or quoting and editing of messages are absent.

Additionally, posts made by members who are topic banned or have a warning status that results in consequences (i.e. watch list or muted) will be marked with a slightly different title bar in topic display. Currently, it's a one pixel red bottom border, but this can easily be changed in the skin style sheet. Only moderators will be able to see this.
Code: (css)
div.keyinfo.watched {
border-bottom:1px solid red !important;
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