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Started by Nightwish, December 20, 2009, 01:12:59
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Forum update |
December 20, 2009, 01:12:59
I finally found some time to upgrade the forum software. After years of flawless operation with SMF 1.0.x, I decided to skip 1.1.x and move to the next major version (2.0) instead. This version is currently in final RC stage, but should work fine without major issues (many large SMF installations are already using it).

Unfortunately, the old forum theme didn't make it. Since it is very customized and the old forum had some modifications installed, it would require a HUGE amount of work to port this almost 5 year old theme to SMF 2.0.

That's why the forum does look a bit different. The current theme is a temporary solution and will be improved in some areas. The final theme will look very similar to the old forum and may have most of its features.

All accounts, personal messages, avatars and attachments have hopefully been upgraded successfully. You'll most likely have to relogin though.

Also, the forum is now on its own sub domain ( and the old location ( will continue to exist with a redirect.

So you should update your bookmarks with the new location, otherwise the automatic login may no longer work.
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