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    EosAlpha BBS is a fork of the popular Simple Machines Forum software. We aim at creating a new forum software, adding several new features and a modern and fresh design on top of the existing SMF code base.

    This software is currently in an early stage of development and this forum acts primarily as a testing platform for the ongoing development.

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FAQ - frequently asked questions (Read 4640 times)

Started by Nightwish, August 19, 2011, 18:58:31
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FAQ - frequently asked questions |
August 19, 2011, 18:58:31
General Questions
So what exactly is this?
  • It is a fork of the popular open source forum software Simple Machines Forum (usually known as SMF).
Cool, can I download and use this for my forum?
  • At the moment - no, you cannot. It is in a very early development phase and many things are not fully implemented, horribly broken or not very useful at all.
Damn, so I have to wait, how long?
  • This shouldn't be in the FAQ, because there is no answer for this question :) Honestly, I don't know. As of now (late September, 2011), a install- and usable version is most likely months away.
So, it is based on SMF, will it be compatible, will I be able to upgrade?
  • Most likely, yes, you'll be able to upgrade. The requirements have not yet been set, but it is likely that I'll only offer upgrading from SMF 2.0.
Will my SMF 2.0 compatible theme work?
  • I'm afraid the answer has to be NO. Even now in its early phase, there are already so many changes and new things in this software that your themes will most likely not work
Will mods work?
  • Maybe, and that's really the only answer I can give. While there is no specific reason why mods for SMF2.0 should not work, many of them will not be auto-installable by the package manager. There are simply too many changes to the core files and the default theme. Because this software will include more features than a default SMF 2, you'll likely need fewer mods.
How is it different from stock SMF?
  • Read the articles in this forum. They'll tell you a bit about new things and planned features
What are the system requirements
  • They are somewhat higher (in version numbers) than for vanilla SMF. You'll need PHP 5.x and MySQL 5.0 or higher and support for PostgreSQL or SQLite was dropped. Also, UTF-8 is now the only supported character set, so an existing SMF database that is using a different character set needs updating.
What about the license, will this be freely available
  • Yes. It will be released under a BSD license, just like the original SMF and it will be free of charge.

Browser compatibility questions
Will this work on all browsers?
  • There shouldn't be any problems on modern browsers. With modern I mean Firefox 3.1 or later, Opera 10.5 or later and any webkit-based browser that isn't much older than maybe 3 years.
What about Internet Explorer
  • It should be fine with Internet Explorer 8 or newer. On IE 8, it will not look as good as it does on a modern browser, because IE8 lacks support for important things like rounded borders, CSS shadows (both text and box shadows) among a few other things. On IE7 or earlier, the layout will most likely look a bit broken, but most things should still work. I totally ignore IE6 or earlier. Nobody should use one of these browsers in 2011 anyway and I'm not willing to waste time to fix things that aren't broken but just poorly implemented in the browser.
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