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    EosAlpha BBS is a fork of the popular Simple Machines Forum software. We aim at creating a new forum software, adding several new features and a modern and fresh design on top of the existing SMF code base.

    This software is currently in an early stage of development and this forum acts primarily as a testing platform for the ongoing development.

    Feel free to look around to get an idea about how it feels and looks.
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Re: Admin area overhaul |
August 15, 2011, 16:31:32
That looks way better than the current SMF admin CP.

I am glad you are doing this and actually making SMF into a modern forum script. It seems SMF itself is falling apart without any devs or any new features.
It's not going to fall apart. The code is now Open Source and should they decide to stop official development, others will take over sooner or later. The code is good enough to serve as a starting point for new developments. I'm not the first one who is using it and I'm pretty sure, I won't be the last one.

Open source projects rarely die, they may sleep or even hibernate for some time, but at one point, someone will come by to resurrect them :)
Anyways, I'm really happy! Keep it up :)
It's just started, there is more to come :)
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