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    EosAlpha BBS is a fork of the popular Simple Machines Forum software. We aim at creating a new forum software, adding several new features and a modern and fresh design on top of the existing SMF code base.

    This software is currently in an early stage of development and this forum acts primarily as a testing platform for the ongoing development.

    Feel free to look around to get an idea about how it feels and looks.
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Aug 18

Development roadmap

August 18, 2011, 22:56:09 | by Nightwish
Phase one (currently in progress)
This stage is supposed to set the groundwork for future development phases. Once completed, the software should be install- and usable but will still be fairly close to a standard SMF 2.0.
  • Core changes - remove support for obsolete technologies like PHP 4, eAccelerator, MMCache, MySQL fulltext search index
  • Add some minor features which should, in my opinion, be part of a modern forum software. Examples: Topic prefixes, SEO-friendly URLs, a modern theme, Ajax enhancements in some areas.
  • Completely rework the default theme. Get rid of support for very old browsers, clean it up, migrate most scripting to jQuery, make the theme more modular by extending the concept of GenericList, GenericMenu to other areas.
  • Make sure, the upgrading from SMF works
Current status:(updated November 05, 2011)

Features added:
  • SEO friendly URLs - This is based on a heavily modified version of SimpleSEF. URLs for all kind of topics, boards, profiles and some more will appear in a SEO-friendly format, using the topic title as URL slug. Instead of using costly buffer-rewrites, SEF URL generation is built in and therefore comes with little impact on board performance. No longer waste 100ms for rewriting the URLs in the output buffer.
  • A like system
  • Reworked the way hooks work. The pre_include hook is no longer. Addons can register hooks with a file- and function name and the hook will care about including the file when it's really needed.
  • Youtube and Vimeo BBCODES with support for other popular video sites planned for a later version - test thread here.
  • Topic prefixes. Prefixes can be limited to specific boards and user groups. Also, a board may require a mandatory prefix whenever a new topic is created. Administrators have always access to all prefixes though. Prefixes can use HTML for markup and it is planned to use them as an additional search filter. Clicking on a prefix in the message index will apply a quick-filter to only show topics with the given prefix.
  • Topic tagging (optional core feature).
  • Automerge posts - per-forum option, mandatory or on-demand when possible (= the last post in the topic was from the same user).
  • Support for the sphinx search deamon - including a separate page in the admin area to configure sphinx access.
  • Side bar instead of the info center
  • Sticky post (first post appears on every page of a topic, and topics can be presented in different layouts (normal forum-style, blog style and more).
  • Content pages (that's really just threads that are linked via special redirect boards into the board index or list of sub-boards. More Here.
  • A number of new BBCodes - demo thread here
  • Support for jQuery prettyPhoto to view inline images and attachments - test thread here.
  • Share topic bar - permission - based so it can be enabled on a per-forum and per-usergroup base. Useful if you have private boards, because sharing topics from such boards doesn't make much sense if only certain user groups can see them.
  • Privacy enhanced social sharing - more here.
  • Tidy child board display on board- and message index. Child boards are organized into columns and can optionally show their board description. The number of columns can be configured.
  • More modular templates, post bit, board bit and topic bit are now independent templates.
  • Dynamic and auto-refreshing time stamps, implemented via jQuery. Registered users can disable them if they prefer classic time stamps
  • Several Ajax - features to preview topics or member profiles
  • Zoomed post editor. More info in this thread.
  • New permission for allowing signatures. Get rid of signature spammers.
  • GrAvatar support
  • Support for Google Analytics and the Piwik Open Source web analytics system in the admin panel. The necessary tracking code will be automatically added to the forum footer when these options are enabled and configured. Registered users can opt-out from being tracked (yes, I do care about privacy).
  • Activity streams. Currently in a very early stage. This is a social feature that records activity in boards and elsewhere. Users can view activity streams to see what happened recently in a special board, topic or the entire site.
  • jQuery enhanced UI. Collapsible sections are now using jQuery animations and there are some template helper functions to create collapsible containers with ease.
  • Table-less layout for the board index and member list. More tables will be killed later.
  • Smiley separation (the extra smiley popup) removed. All smileys are now hosted in a dropdown container and a new editor tool bar button has been added to open the smiley dropdown.
  • A new, flexible board news and announcement system. See here for more details
  • Categories can now have an optional description text that will appear in the board index below the category's name.
  • Spoiler- and Hide BBCodes implemented as described here.
  • Moderators can lock a post to prevent users from reverting moderator edits.
  • Post moderation can now be used to un-approve a post, effectively simulating the soft-delete feature offered by other forum products. Unapproved messages are not visible to normal users and appear with a different layout to moderators and forum administrators.
  • Boards can now have custom icons from {theme_dir}images/boards.
  • New BBCode [align=left|right|center|justify] to replace the old left/right/center tags. Those tags were consequently moved to the core addon "LegacyBBC" that adds support for SMF 2 compatible BB codes.
  • User tagging - more information here.
Features removed
  • PostgreSQL and SQLite support
  • Support for character sets other than UTF-8. That means, all tables must be in UTF-8 character set, entities must be converted to UTF-8 and language files must be UTF-8.
  • Support for PhP 4. The minimum required PHP version is now 5.2.
  • Fulltext search index - only disabled at this time, we'll see how well InnoDB fulltext will work in MySQL 5.5 for large databases and and then make the final decision.
  • Caching support for obsolete technologies (eAccelerator - no longer supports caching, MMcache - because this forum will require PHP5 and mmCache doesn't do so well with it).
  • Hard coded member fields for ICQ, MSN, YIM, AIM were removed. This can be done with custom profile fields anyway and it is a bit weird to have a ICQ field in the members table but no field for Facebook or Twitter. An improved custom profile fields implementation is planned, including pre-defined contact fields for the most common instant messaging and social media networks.
  • Spell checker. This isn't really working well enough. Furthermore, most modern browsers have a built-in spell checker anyway.
  • Pathinfo URLs (aka queryless URLs). No longer needed, because we have pretty URLs anyway.

Phase two

This will start a while after the completion of phase one when the product becomes stable enough for being useful for a production environment. In phase two, I'll add bigger features, particularly concentrating on user profiles and media features. As of now, it has not yet been decided how these features will look like.

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