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May 24

Re: User tagging

May 24, 2013, 16:42:14 | by Nightwish
yeah, most likely a spam user :(
Well, maybe, but since there are no annoying links in the post and new users cannot abuse signatures for spam, I don't mind :)
"Suki" said:
Anyways, for my neeeds I end up using a really nice plugin for notifications:
That looks good, but imho not enough "lightweight" - maybe it can be stripped down a bit :)

I've planned to use a modified version of the already present username-lookup in SMF (what's being used for adding buddies, for example), but since there are still some unresolved difficulties, it's not yet implemented, so auto-complete doesn't work.

Notifications should, however, work :) @Suki: testing...