There's a bug in notes (Read 3300 times)

Started by NightFox, October 06, 2009, 18:59:07

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There's a bug in notes |
October 06, 2009, 18:59:07
Please, make the notes button to be active even if you're typing text in input area if a contact. For example, if I want to copy part of the typed text from input area of a contact to his notes. For now it's not usable. And button of notes doesn't work correctly, after text sendng it gets inactive, even though input area is empty, and you have to type some symbol and then erase it so the button gets active again. And also, is it possible to make it in this way - when you press it it would be staying hold (BM_SETSTATE = True).
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Re: There's a bug in notices |
October 07, 2009, 02:34:15
1. won't be done. Too dangerous, someone could send parts of his notes unintentionally.

2. inactive button is a bug, yes. Will be fixed.
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Re: There's a bug in notes |
October 07, 2009, 22:06:34
Well, what if the button is pressed? (BM_SETSTATE = True)?
Or can I add inside the box frame with some color.
Re: There's a bug in notes |
October 08, 2009, 19:25:18
What about making it optionally (possibility to turn on notes always).

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Re: There's a bug in notes |
October 22, 2009, 20:04:46
Error in notes: if I open the notes, write smth in them, and then close contacts tab/window (window closing notes), then when I open contact again I see the typed notes in input area (they somehow are copied in input area)!!!. And if I won't notice that then I can accidentaly send them!
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