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Started by Nightwish, November 12, 2004, 16:05:30

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November 12, 2004, 16:05:30
This is a compilation of some frequently asked (and rarely answered :) ) questions. There isn't much at the moment, but I'am going to update it frequently whenever new things come to mind. If you have suggestions for this FAQ, because you experienced troubles which some feature in tabSRMM, then please add them to this thread and I will update this article.

<u>How to re-enable the menubar</u> after it has been hidden by using the menu command?
Use the container options dialog and uncheck the "Hide the menu bar" setting. Note that the menubar is a "per container" option.

Beginning with version, a new hotkey - Shift-Alt-T - has been implemented to quickly toggle the menu bar.

<u>How to invoke the container options dialog</u>?
There are several ways to to this:

  • Use the menu entry from the containers system menu.
  • Right click on a tab and choose the option from the context menu.
  • Right click the button bar and again use the entry from the context menu.
  • Press Ctrl-O in the message window while the input area has the focus.
Compatibility issues with other plugins:

Some plugins do not fully work when tabSRMM is installed as the main message window. This has something to do with some of the rather big changes in tabSRMM - many plugins were written at a time when tabSRMM didn't exist.

If you have autoreplacer installed, and your Miranda crashes frequently - it is one of these incompatibilities. It can be fixed by disabling the following option in the autoreplacer plugin:

[X] capitalize first letter of sentences

I cannot see any icons on the toolbar, instead, strange letters or blank buttons appear

Jep. Some people think that's a bug, but it actually is not. tabSRMM has a feature which lets you easily customize icons, because all the icons are placed in an external DLL (a resource DLL). If this DLL cannot be located when the plugin starts, it will complain with an error message and you wont be able to see any icons. You need to put a tabsrmm_icons.DLL in your \plugins folder. The archive usually contains 2 of them - one for XP and one with 256 color icons for older Windows versions.

However, there are other icon DLLs available. Check out the customization section on
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