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Started by Nightwish, October 31, 2004, 19:33:06

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New binaries... |
October 31, 2004, 19:33:06
[ALIGN="justify"]There are new (although still experimental) binaries up. They have quite a few new stuff, including the new sending and error handling system and the ability to use an icon pack. The archive comes with 2 default icon packs (one for 98/2k one for Win XP). You need to copy the tabsrmm_icons.dll to your plugins folder, OTHERWISE THERE WILL BE NO ICONS at all.

The sending stuff works, but error handling may still have a few issues (mainly with icons and visual feedback) and multisend is broken a bit (multisend needs to be redone anyway).

A few changes have been made to the integration between tabsrmm and smileyadd again. The smileybutton now shows the default icon used for the :) smiley (if a smileypack is configured of course) and, if necessary, this icon is sized down to 16x16 pixel to make it fit on the button. Note that, if no smileypack is configured for a specific protocol. no smileybutton will appear in the window. The "crash on forward" in smileyadd is also fixed (hopefully).

Other changes are mostly cosmetical - grid lines are now only 1 pixel in width (looks better) and a small internal padding has been added to the message log.

There are lots of internal changes and a few parts were rewritten, so new bugs may lurke around each corner.

Oh, and it is now possible to close a tab by middle-clicking it (very often requested feature).[/ALIGN]
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