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Re: No development/release for another few days... |
June 20, 2005, 00:27:11
Nightwish, I'm using the 06-19 15:10 CVS version of TabSRMM and I wanted to tell you a few things I found before you release .95.

1.  Focusing the container window doesn't always make it stop flashing.  Sometimes it won't quit until I click a tab or double-click the input field.
2.  The bottom of the new button in the status bar gets cut off and doesn't match the appearance of the other buttons (attachment 1)
3.  The visibility button in the info panel doesn't show the icon, i hovered over the button to show it is there. (attachment 2)
4.  Sometimes splitter width doesn't match between tabs though I'm using global splitter position and the 'panelheight' info is saved for each contact in the DB, which didn't make sense to me.  It seems to only happen when using 'static' avatar display.