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Re: List of shortcut keys |
March 14, 2005, 00:50:24
all of those shortcuts are ok but i don't know why "alt" hotkeys (alt-e alt-t etc) are not working for me. when i use one i only loose focus from typing box. what's wrong, maybe i've missed something?

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Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP [ver: 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2]
Installed RAM: 256 MBytes
Free disk space on Miranda partition: 52 MBytes
Miranda IM version: 0.4 alpha
Build time: 17:04:21 of 03/03/2005 (day/month/year)
Nightly: Yes

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autoreplacer.dll, ver:
buddyexpectator.dll, ver:
buddypounce.dll, ver:
changeinfo.dll, ver:
chat.dll, ver:
clist_meta_mw.dll, ver:
crashrpt.dll, ver:
dbeditorpp.dll, ver:
dbx_3x.dll, ver:
emailexpress.dll, ver:
extendedidle.dll, ver:
findamsg.dll, ver:
gg.dll, ver:
historypp.dll, ver:
httpserver.dll, ver:
icq.dll, ver:
ieview.dll, ver:
irc.dll, ver:
jabber.dll, ver:
keepstatus.dll, ver:
mbirthday.dll, ver:
mcontacts.dll, ver:
menuex.dll, ver:
metacontacts.dll, ver:
mipper.dll, ver:
mphantomgg.dll, ver:
mphantomuser.dll, ver:
mpopupbtn.dll, ver:
msgsound.dll, ver:
msms.dll, ver:
mstatus.dll, ver:
mtooltip.dll, ver:
mtv.dll, ver:
net_send_protocol.dll, ver:
netaccessnotify.dll, ver:
neweventnotify.dll, ver:
personalizedsoundplugin.dll, ver:
popup.dll, ver:
receivedfilesfolders.dll, ver:
resumesuspend.dll, ver:
seenplugin.dll, ver:
sendss.dll, ver:
shlext.dll, ver:
simpleaway.dll, ver:
smtpsimple.dll, ver:
speak.dll, ver:
start_position.dll, ver:
statuschange.dll, ver:
tabsrmm.dll, ver:
toptoolbar.dll, ver:
tweakmiranda.dll, ver:
typingnotify.dll, ver:
versioninfo.dll, ver:
weather.dll, ver:
webpager.dll, ver:
winampnotify.dll, ver:
yamn.dll, ver:
yarelay.dll, ver:

Inactive Plugins:
import.dll, ver:
mbot.dll, ver:
mhotkey.dll, ver:
mirandarpc.dll, ver:
msn.dll, ver:
scriver.dll, ver:
srmm.dll, ver:
tabsrmm_mod.dll, ver:
tabsrmm_unicode.dll, ver:
Yahoo.dll, ver:

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