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May 29

Re: User tagging

May 29, 2013, 00:10:45 | by Nightwish
Nope, I only fetch active users (is_activated = 1) and users with X post or more where X can be defined by the admin, other than that yes I fetch the entire table. I know this can be a problem with a large forum but then again most of the features on this mod will be a problem with a large forum.
Well, I always try to avoid potential performance issues, though there are a few, especially with the rating + notifications system in EoS - completely untested, but my guess is that thousands of post ratings every hour (something that can happen on a very busy forum) could pose a potential performance issue.

Simple idea: Why not fetch the user data after the first letter has been typed? This could reduce the number of possible matches significantly. Of course, it would be a problem when the user mistyped the first letter and decides to go back, in which case, you would have to repeat the query for a different starting letter.