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Started by Nightwish, October 30, 2004, 22:49:11

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October 30, 2004, 22:49:11
Here is the latest changelog for the next snapshot which will be available pretty soon now. I consider this almost "feature complete" for a following official 0.0.9 release which will be the last "alpha" before tabSRMM will enter the beta phase.

From then on, I will concentrate on fixing the remaining bugs and polish the features which are already implemented. No new features (except for minor ones) will be integrated for a while.

Version - 2004/09/26

        ! message log icons are now forced into 16x16 format
        ! the message log icon code now only searches the appended text when a new
          message arrives which results in much faster operations for logs holding
          a huge amount of text.

        + new option to limit the maximum number of tabs per container. This works
          only for unassigned contacts (contacts which open in the default container)
          and is not available when using the CLIST group container mode (grouping
          your contacts according to your clist group configuration and then breaking
          them up again wouldn't make sense anyway).
          Set the limit to 1 if you want one window per contact.
        * changed the EVENTTYPE for the status logging code. This will avoid such events
          beeing classified as "SMS" events.
          NOTE: if you experience troubles with the log ignoring the color/font settings
          for old and new events: This is a result of this change and it will AUTOMATICALLY
          go away as soon as there are no more old status change events in the log. So
          you could for example limit the number of old events loaded...
          There is also a new "NewEventNotify.dll" which you need to install in order to
          avoid the "unknown event" popups if you have:
          a) status change logging enabled, and
          b) enabled the NewEventNotify option to get notifications on "other" events.
Version - 2004/09/24

        + new "mIRC style" tab selection hotkeys. ALT-1 to ALT-0 will select the
          corresponding tab. ALT-1 will select the leftmost (first) tab, and ALT-0
          the rightmost (last) tab. Maybe confusing if you have more tabs than
          actually fit on a single row.
        + added a few pixels of padding "inside" the message log so that characters
          won't touch the inner border of the rich edit control anymore.
        * container system menu: rearranged menu items so that close will always be
          at the bottom of the menu (hinted by OnO).
        * new option on the message log page: Use Arrow icons: This will replace the
          message icons in front of each message with small arrows showing the direction.
          A green arrow marks outgoing, and a red arrow incoming events.
        * experimental fix for highlighting issues when using individual background
          colors. Trailing lines are now removed from the message if they are empty.
          It's still possible to have empty lines within a message, but if the last
          line of the message body is *completely* empty, it will be removed.
          This solves the problem which occured with individual background colors
          where those empty lines were actually drawn with the default background
          color (very ugly).
          You need to activate this explicitely on the "Message Log Options" page.
        * avatar changes: It's now again possible to choose an avatar from the message
          window if you do not have mTooltip installed. Just click the picture menu
          button (left of the history button) and choose "Load a local picture as avatar".
          Note that the avatar section must be visible (toggle it on before), otherwise
          the menu item will be greyed out. Selecting the avatar from the message window
          will also write the picture to the mTooltip setting (if available), so you
          don't have to change the picture twice if you're using mTooltip plugin.
        * fixed CTRL-backspace. If there are more lines than the input box can actually
          display w/o scrolling, ctrl-backspace was always setting the cursor to the
          start of the text. Now, the cursor is always placed at the end.
        * changed MSN avatar code. Now, a single event hook cares about all sessions. This
          should avoid performance problems on slower machines with lots of MSN sessions
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