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Started by Nightwish, October 31, 2004, 19:34:34

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October 31, 2004, 19:34:34
A few things have been implemented recently.

The first thing is the "grouping" mode, which was already discussed on the forums. It is an message log formatting option which can help to "declutter" the log and display some information in a less redundant way.

It works by grouping subsequent sent or received messages together. Only the first message of a group actually has a full header including Nickname, timestamp and icon. Subsequent messages are only marked with a short timestamp. To make this look good, you will probably have to experiment with the left indent value a bit so that messages are aligned nicely with the "mini timestamps".

When will messages be grouped?
Actually, all messages which are send or received in a row are grouped together if this option is enabled. So if you send 3 messages to your buddy, they will be grouped, unless he sends something between these 3 messages which will, of course, break the grouping.

A delay of more than one day between 2 sent or received messages will also split up the group.

The second feature are "relative dates". Instead of printing the full date, strings like "Today" and "Yesterday" are printed for the message date.

This will be released soon.
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