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Started by Nightwish, October 30, 2004, 22:47:28

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October 30, 2004, 22:47:28
Well, the title should be clear enough. I'am searching some nice Icons for the tabSRMM button bar to replace the current stuff.

The requirements:
  • The icons have to be 16x16 pixels in size.

  • They have to be compatible with all Versions of Windows 98 or later. In other words: If you want to contribute highcolor Icons - fine, but please also provide a low-color variant for older versions of Windows (8bit, 256 colors).

  • One icon per file (it's fine to have 2 versions of the same icon with different color depth, but please separate them to 2 different .ico files).

  • You don't need to make a complete "set" - I will also accept single icons if they come in a valid form (see above).

  • Absolutely no licensed material or 3rd party work for which you don't hold the Copyright (unless, it is freeware or in the public domain). Note that, if you contribute your own work, you will still hold the copyright on it and your name will be mentioned in the copyrights section of the tabSRMM documentation.

  • Submit the icons per mail to:

  • Deadline for submissions: None actually :)

I would be happy to see some nice work, and since I'am not the best artist (actually, I suck at graphics, but don't tell it anyone :) ), I decided to start this contest.
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