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Started by Nightwish, November 03, 2004, 13:36:01

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Changelog as of now |
November 03, 2004, 13:36:01
Here is the current change log - I guess a new binary will be available very soon now...

        * the unicode version now uses utf-8 encoding to store various unicode settings

          in the DB. No more blobs.
        * ability to show the tabs at the bottom. Looks fine with classic windows theme,
          but may look strange with visual styles.
          NOTE: Please don't complain - the official word from MS is that bottom tabs
          are UNSUPPORTED under Windows XP when using visual styles. So either find
          a style with "symmetric" tab skins (they look fine with bottom tabs in most
          cases) or don't use bottom tabs.
          Or use classic theme :)
        * New menubar added. It can be hidden (as a per container setting) and contains
          many options which are normally only accessible via various option pages.
        * input area is now a rich edit control instead of a normal multiline edit box.
          It was changed to allow future additions like text formatting

        * new avatar setting: Disable automatic Avatar updates. You can find it in the
          avatar menu on the toolbar and in the new menu bar. This setting is "per contact"
          only and will prevent automatic avatar changes, if you have, for example, set
          your own custom picture for a specific contact.
        * simplified the font settings a bit. There are now less than before and they
          were moved to another DB module path. So you will probably have to reconfigure
          your fonts :(
        * fast copy the UIN to the clipboard by clicking on the usermenu button (second
          button from the left) while holding the shift key.

Sorry for again screwing up the font config. But i decided to separate the settings from standard SRMM (this will probably solve the History++ fontsize problem as well) and simplified some stuff. There are now less settings and the default values should be more reasonable.

Also, font+color themes and the ability to quickly export or import a bunch of settings should be possible with the new code (but this will be added later).
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