taskkill /IM miranda32.exe - Opens/Closes Miranda Window? (Read 3495 times)

Started by Tigerix, February 22, 2007, 13:27:26

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taskkill /IM miranda32.exe - Opens/Closes Miranda Window? |
February 22, 2007, 13:27:26
Hi again,

I am using "taskkill /IM miranda32.exe" in some update scripts which I have written to update my friends Miranda with new settings and plugins. I cant use the "taskkill /F /IM miranda32.exe" function, because this kills the whole process tree, which would also close my script runned by TriggerPlugin.

Normally "taskkill /IM progname.exe" works fine, but with Miranda it closes/opens the Clist Window (depending on if it is open or closed) - which I dont want when I try to "kill" it :)

Do you have an idea, what the problem might be?