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Started by Nightwish, October 29, 2004, 15:24:35

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October 29, 2004, 15:24:35

You may have noticed, that I do no longer publish source code archives on a regular base. It is, because the tabSRMM source code is now part of the Miranda CVS repository, so you can always get the most recent sources by checking them out from CVS.


The tabSRMM module is located under plugins/tabsrmm

If don't want to deal with command-line CVS, I suggest using Tortoise CVS, which is a very nice graphical CVS client for Windows. To checkout the tabsrmm sources, the following configuration must be used:
Protocoll: :pserver:
Repository-Folder: /cvsroot/miranda
User: anonymous
Module: miranda/plugins/tabsrmm

If the cvs program prompts you for a password, you can just hit return (you don't need one for anonymous cvs).
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