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Started by mmilo, February 18, 2008, 18:25:43

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Single Row Tabbar |
February 18, 2008, 18:25:43

I downloaded Miranda at my workplace (instead of copying it from my computer at home ... sigh). Something I've noticed is that no matter how many contacts I have, the tabbar always stays on a single row.

However at home, this isn't the case. I'm ujsing the "Limit nicknames on tabs to X characters" feature, but that doesn't seem to do it.

Is it just me?

Re: Single Row Tabbar |
February 18, 2008, 18:59:06
It's an option under Customize->Message Window skin.

Single row is default, but you can change this.
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Re: Single Row Tabbar |
February 20, 2008, 02:12:59
Wow, how embarrassing.

Thank youuuu. :)