Avatar service + scriver - problem (Read 1781 times)

Started by atay, April 08, 2006, 06:59:33

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Avatar service + scriver - problem |
April 08, 2006, 06:59:33
I'm from Poland and my english is basic so I hope You understand me :)

I have problem with Avatar service ... I'm using this plugin with Scriver plugin (by TheLeech).
The problem shows only with the LoadAvatars plugin (without it all's ok), but I like this plug and I want to use it.
How the problem looks:

And it's with near every contact ... white border with diffrent size

I asked TheLeech, because problem is only on Scriver and he told me that the problem is in service MS_AV_DRAWAVATAR, and he recommend me to write to You, to fix it.

So if You can reperair it, I'll be very grateful

if You want to ask sth about scriver ask TheLeech,

Thank You
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Re: Avatar service + scriver - problem |
April 08, 2006, 15:36:23
We are already aware of this problem and a fix is in the works.
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