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Re: News and announcement system overhaul |
March 21, 2012, 12:21:52
Skyrim is a worthy distraction, eheh, I have yet to finish the Dark Brotherhood storyline and the Main Quest (did pretty much all of the other quests and minor tasks), these days I'm into Kingdoms of Amalur which isn't bad either.
Well, I haven't finished it either, but that's not a problem. Elder scrolls games have always been designed to be "open ended" without quests and storylines being mandatory.
The EoS thing is in the Private area IIRC.
Yeah, found it. It was in one of the blog articles...
Yeah, it's finally running Wedge, actually I thought it made you want to restart dev on EoS since this happened at the same time ;)
Really? I thought you had made the update ealier as I haven't been visiting for the last few weeks (while I was away).
I suppose you'd already seen the demo sites before, anyway...? (For Friends only. And you're in the Friends group.)
Yeah, but quite a while ago and it did look somewhat different back then.

BTW: Happy B'day :)
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