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    EosAlpha BBS is a fork of the popular Simple Machines Forum software. We aim at creating a new forum software, adding several new features and a modern and fresh design on top of the existing SMF code base.

    This software is currently in an early stage of development and this forum acts primarily as a testing platform for the ongoing development.

    Feel free to look around to get an idea about how it feels and looks.
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Re: News and announcement system overhaul |
March 20, 2012, 13:18:22
Hey there :)
Just saw you resumed work on EosAlpha... Cool! It was feeling a bit lonely in the fork front.
Well, I was kinda busy for the last couple of months. First, there were a few "distractions" like Skyrim or SW:Tor, then some busy weeks at work and finally 3 weeks of vacation :)
Feel free to post on to say that 'the rumors of its death were greatly exaggerated', of course ;)
Not yet found the post stating EoS is dead, but I've seen you're now finally running wedge on Congrats, looks nice so far and the site seems to be a lot faster than before (which his always a good thing).
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