Threaded streaming and new statusbar (Read 1805 times)

Started by Nightwish, October 31, 2004, 19:41:46

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Threaded streaming and new statusbar |
October 31, 2004, 19:41:46
Threaded streaming should be considered experimental. You can enable/disable it on the Messaging option page, but YOU HAVE TO RESTART miranda, otherwise the changes won't have an effect.

What does it do?
Actually, it frees the mainthread from the rather time-consuming icon and smiley replacements in the message log. The effect is, that opening a window happens much faster now, but icons and smileys may appeared somewhat delayed (you won't probably notice this on a fast system)

New status bar.

The status bar has been moved from the message tab to the container. Instead of having one status bar per tab, we now have only one per container, which saves resources and frees the message dialog layouting code from dealing with the status bar. This is the first step of some planned UI changes - I will probably add a (hideable) menu bar and maybe a top toolbar aswell.
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