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Started by Nightwish, March 10, 2005, 05:30:00

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March 10, 2005, 05:30:00
This is a short description how to make tabSRMM work with the IEView plugin.

First, you need a recent tabSRMM, at least or later. Next, you will have to install IEView (obviously).

Now, the most important part is activating the IEView support in tabSRMM. You do this on the Message Log option page by checking the option:

* Activate support for external log.

Once you have done this, ieview should replace the default message log in all windows / tabs you open. You may not even notice it, because IEView, when running in default (non-template) mode, tries to imitate the look of the default message log in tabSRMM.

However, most people will probably want to have a fully customized message log (that's the main point of using IEView), and this only works in "template" mode.

You activate the template mode on the IEView option page "Templates". You will have to install at least one template. It does not matter where you install it, but you need to keep the directory structure of the template intact. Just navigate to the templates tab of IEViews option and choose your template (the .ivt file).

I suggest that, when doing so, no message window should be open. After you have set a template, you should now be able to enjoy your new message log.

Beginning with, tabSRMM has a "local override" setting, available from the protocol menu (the small dropdown arrow just right of the button which opens the contact menu on the toolbar). Using the options from this menu, you can override the default IEView setting on a "per contact" basis, so you can use IEView as your default message log, but use tabSRMMs built in log for some contacts (or vice versa, of course).

IEView + smileys.

tabSRMM also supports the smiley support built into IEView. Clicking on the smiley button will open IEViews smiley selection window. The default smileyadd is disabled, if IEView is active for the current window, because it is not compatible with IEView.

At the moment, there is a small bug in IEViews smiley selection code - the smiley selection window will only appear if you have configured a smiley pack separately for each protocol. It won't work with the global smiley pack. - fixed in IEView
If anyone has more stuff to add - feel free to post here.


Ok, I just realized that someone had the same idea and posted a very comprehensive HOWTO on

Here is it.

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