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Started by BigMike, October 07, 2006, 20:47:26

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Popup Event Notification |
October 07, 2006, 20:47:26
Hi, I wanted my Event-Notification-Popups for file transfers to stay infinite.
At most plugins, you've to set timeout to -1.
TabSRMM doesn't allow to set negative values, so I changed it directly in the database and it seems to work fine.
So, just for convenience, please allow -1 as value for the popup display duration.

Thanks, BigMike
Re: Popup Event Notification |
October 07, 2006, 20:56:00
Currently not planned, sorry.
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Re: Popup Event Notification |
November 02, 2007, 10:37:24
BigMike, cant You point what and where I should edit in database for same result?

Best regards...