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Mar 22

Re: Database changes

March 22, 2013, 16:52:08 | by Nightwish
Columns likes_received and likes_given are removed from the member table.
Code: (mysql)
ALTER TABLE {$db_prefix}members DROP likes_given;
ALTER TABLE {$db_prefix}members DROP likes_received;

They have been replaced with ratings_given and ratings_received respectively. Both are TEXT columns and their purpose is to record more details rating stats for each member.

The column ratings_given records all ratings the member has given to other member's posts. Likewise, ratings_received records stats for all ratings a member has received.

Code: (mysql)
ALTER TABLE {$db_prefix}members ADD ratings_given text NOT NULL default '';
ALTER TABLE {$db_prefix}members ADD ratings_received text NOT NULL default '';

      Posted: April 20, 2013, 14:37:43
Commit: 5af5274549272b72ef1e15bc6e1f720a0475b72c
Code: (mysql)
ALTER TABLE {db_prefix}prefixes ADD css VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL default '';
This field holds the css class(es) used to format the prefix. It allows to apply backgrounds (or even images) to topic prefixes in the message index display.

The CSS classes can be defined in the override CSS for any given theme.
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