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Content pages

September 06, 2011, 14:10:23 | by Nightwish
Content pages
  • Work like redirect boards
  • Link to a topic
  • can use anything a normal topic can
  • can use a totally different layout
  • offer a simple method to embed static content into your board structure
A content page works pretty much like a redirect board expect that it links to a special topic instead of an external link and uses a distinct icon in the board index. It can be used to pin important topics (like board rules or must read threads) to the board- or message index.

A content page is really just a thread that may or may not be presented with a different layout. Layouts are driven by different versions of the standard templates for presenting a topic (mainly Display.template.php and Postbit.template.php). When posting a new topic, users with sufficient permission are given the choice for selecting a non-standard thread layout and that feature works in any board - it just depends on the user's permissions.

Since these pages are actually threads, they share all functionality with normal threads but may look differently. With the blog-style layout, the first post is presented like a blog article and replies look a bit more like blog comments.

Because administrators can post html through the [html] tag they may post articles with any layout they want and the template will display such an article unmodified in its plain form.

So, it's like a blog?
Well, no, not really. It may look a bit like a single blog article with comments, but it has little to do with blogging functionality. As I already said elsewhere, a forum shouldn't try to be a blog and vice versa. Personally, I would rather aim for a bridging solution to marry the forum with a real blog instead of implementing half-baken blog functionality into a forum. For a really good blogging software, you'll need some (at least basic) CMS functionality and this goes imho too far for a forum software.
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Nightwish,  September 06, 2011, 15:09:25
Re: Content pages #2
A test comment using a compact postbit layout.

All features of normal forum posts are available, but the formatting is more compact and looks more like comments in a blog.
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Nightwish,  September 16, 2011, 09:44:28
Re: Content pages #3
test reply
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RvG,  December 02, 2011, 08:02:15
Re: Content pages #4
Thanks now it is getting better and better :P
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mortons,  January 08, 2012, 19:03:57
Re: Content pages #5
better and better!
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