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Started by Nightwish, June 28, 2012, 22:41:14

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Change logs week 26, 2012 |
June 28, 2012, 22:41:14
The experiment with Twig, that started last week, is already over. I figured it was way too slow, so I had to find a alternative.

The alternative is the good old smarty template engine - a robust and stable product that performs very nicely while still providing a feature set good enough for this project.

A couple of templates are already ported - board index, side bar, message index, topic display + a few smaller ones. Hence, this is still just the beginning and there are LOTS of templates in SMF. Compatibility with the old template system is still available though and I do not see any reason for dropping it - both template systems can co-exist without any negative side effect.
  • Consolidated the user menu with the activity stream items. All user-specific menu items are now located at the top right side, providing various quick links to important profile areas plus links to view the activity stream or board  notifications
  • A new way of showing new and/or updated topics has been added. The What's new link will show all new topics from the last X days (where X can be customized by the admin), regardless of the topic's read status. Unread topics will appear like they do in the topic list - a yellow star will indicate a topic with new posts and provide a link to read this topic beginning with the first new post.
  • A couple of styling changes to give the "lightweight" theme a bit more contrast.
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