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Started by Nightwish, April 27, 2012, 11:34:49

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Change logs week 16/17, 2012 |
April 27, 2012, 11:34:49
Very long list of changes this time, but mostly internal, here is a (probably incomplete) list:

Commit ID: 02b437cef014fcf9247676437aa17cff92cbf387, 39 changed files with 163 additions and 210 deletions.
Commit ID: 47b18c9f56b4db8680d025009854a8c09f77a878, 104 changed files with 333 additions and 467 deletions.
Commit ID: e0b2c17fdf06560b67f7e3fdcaeca7656f6f7b98, 101 changed files with 4,971 additions and 744 deletions.
Commit ID: 67df956b7c1965eab936b1a782d8e2cf4a63c118, 18 changed files with 219 additions and 19 deletions.
Commit ID: 9017a32f57560d81d6366e47142c32c7131979c8, 44 changed files with 1,159 additions and 381 deletions.
  • Split off all Admin-backend related source files into its own directory. Reason: de-clutter the main Sources folder and allow additional security features (for examples, Sources/backend, where the admin sources are now located, could be protected with IP based access control lists. Note: Requires some additional work to split off parts of the admin code that is used in frontend features. Example: Manage-Attachments.php, which basically belongs to the admin sources but is being used in many parts of the frontend.
  • Cleaned up the theme, old and obsolete images removed from the default theme.
  • Backend (admin) theme split off into its own theme directory. The ultimate goal is to create a completely independent theme for the admin area (like it is done in WordPress and many other products). There should be no need to ever modify admin theme templates.
  • Classic topic icons for indicating hot / very hot / sticky / locked topics are gone. Instead, topic rows now indicate topic status in a different way. Also, the icon legend at the bottom of topic lists is gone.
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