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Change logs week 15, 2012 |
April 15, 2012, 21:47:31
Another productive week with a nice number of changes and couple of new things.

Commit ID: 6d0b6bfa516d8b6007bac4f9c9e3e36fd3dce01a, 15 changed files with 726 additions and 132 deletions.
Commit ID: commit/bb100b31bbbf9fa5d55acb6c9dca8c4ed789c60b, 9 changed files with 121 additions and 126 deletions.
Commit ID: 5bd881efb35317dcadfd72cbbe82b96421017835, 14 changed files with 166 additions and 108 deletions.
Commit ID: 1273c5cc1dea5cefa5f743514c552146377aee1c, 12 changed files with 279 additions and 251 deletions.
Commit ID: 1e3ad336a9dbc6c22ec810ad21420f5dd018859c, 13 changed files with 234 additions and 147 deletions.
Commit ID: eb81c80982b28516ee97157317555cc4910f5d3a, 9 changed files with 22 additions and 34 deletions.
  • implemented sidebar callbacks.
  • Member list updated, now uses the sidebar for additional content
  • Topic view now shows a topic header with all relevant information about the topic (subject, starting user and more).
  • The list of subscribed topics in a user's profile is now using standard topic row format.
  • Many changes to the quick reply and multiquote features. More detailed outlined here.
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