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April 07, 2012, 16:02:10
Commit ID: 36786de4b4ec235a62429b22d6b4b5728ed09c6b, 5 changed files with 212 additions and 8 deletions.
Commit ID: 120a68244404c86bca738b38ed3bfeae7e997b75, 30 changed files with 75 additions and 232 deletions.
Commit ID: 35d40496c0d4e67869c6430bcb97e30546650f6a, 17 changed files with 7,572 additions and 1,283 deletions.
  • (ux) Some theme changes, further decluttering of the post display.
  • (core) removed old Wireless theme and support code. Instead of this, a new and modern mobile theme will be implemented at a later stage.
  • (core) implemented reliable mobile device detection that can distinguish between smartphone- and tablet devices (see
  • (ux) implemented pretty tooltips via jQuery plugin
  • (ux) Added jQuery hoverIntent plugin to allow hover events have a delay (mostly tooltips at the moment, but can be useful for many other things in the future).
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