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Started by Nightwish, March 30, 2012, 23:51:55

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Change logs week 13, 2012 |
March 30, 2012, 23:51:55
Quite a lot of mostly theme related changes this week with a couple of commits.

Commit ID: 52ec0909e641ba962074d5995a4cd937322aadb1, 11 changed files with 208 additions and 278 deletions.
Commit ID: b29c321df7f347f8a3f251088b4fd81abe3e38db, 25 changed files with 293 additions and 454 deletions.
Commit ID: 8237b84e36014d79f3e5f5a05004bde84cc258ee, 12 changed files with 193 additions and 68 deletions.
  • (ux) implemented quick buttons with icons for use in post bit templates. The button list is created by its own template function and can be re-used for all postbit templates.
  • (ux) implemented root- and subcategories with its own layout.
  • (core) invalidate SEF boardname cache when applying changes to the board configuration
  • (ux) always use the "new post" overlay image instead of different images
  • (ux) board index and child forums better optimized for low resolutions.
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