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import/export function for fonts and colors |
November 08, 2004, 14:04:00
"Feanor" said:
I would like to have a function to import/export fonts and color settings. Reason: I set all these things properly up and now, when I installed the new version of tabsrmm, all these settings were overwritten by plugin defaults.
This is not the default behaviour :)
You don't need to reconfigure everything with each new version of tabSRMM. It happens from time to time, because the plugin is still under heavy development. The last change was done to give tabSRMM their own settings inside the database which do no longer collide with the font settings from standard SRMM.

Nevertheless, I do plan to introduce some sort of "theming" ability. This will save the current font + color configuration as some sort of theme, using a plain text .INI file. Themes can then be quickly imported or shared with other people.

It won't happen too soon, since there are other things on the priority list, but it is planned for a future version.
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